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SeaMap courtesy of Marine Institute Galway. Photograph Knock Airport with permission of Tom Campbell Photography Castlebar

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Gazillion Office

49 Thomas Street​​

Dublin 8.

Tel: +353 87 3280789

"Brexit's ulterior motive? Or the Empire's endgame?  Gazillion is so funny, so thought provoking, its language an unending polka of energy. Utterly charming. Epic. Completely brilliant." Siobhan Cleary, Composer

SLIGO LAUNCH LA FEILE sexit             29 March 6:30PM osta


gazillion Plot summary

Anton Fruen works at Ireland's Energy Ministry.  A lover of subsea contour detail, his husband & Kellogg's yoghurt bars. Early Winter 2022 he stumbles on a decades old plot. Ireland's mighty chunk of East Atlantic, publicly deemed next to useless is being readied for huge prospecting once the machinery & price is right. Meanwhile the festivities for the 100th anniversary of Irish Independence are being prepared - further off Saudi Arabia is in flames, barrels of oil sky rocketing.  A right Royal oil Sisterhood sees it's high time to execute the conclusion of Operation Fat One.  Under the guise of a false flag terrorist attack on a refinery in Mayo, Ireland's 'Kingdom'-sized reserves are ready for the taking. Brexit was just one messy, final step to regain 'platform' Ireland.

Anton's 'b' in pass geography becomes so, so vital but with half of Mi7 on his tail; will Anton manage to rumble the gazillion euro heist in time for the Centenary Parade ?


gazillion, THE NOVEL by Colum stapleton 

gazillion  audio 

1st Chapter ready 1 July


Chris  Patten caught blue handed @ Dalkey Book Festival 

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